Meet Candi

Meet Candi

We're excited to welcome Candi Daniels as she joins the staff as our KIDS Director. She begins at Johnston E Free on August 7th. Candi recently told us a bit about herself. 

Where did you grow up? 

I have lived in Iowa all of my life. I grew up in Southern Iowa, near Bloomfield. I graduated from Davis County High School, and later moved to the Centerville area (near Lake Rathbun). 

How did you meet Travis? 

Travis and I were friends all through high school, and later became best friends - we were inseparable, but never dated. Just in case you are wondering, he fell for me first. I had to take a little time to consider this, because I was fearful of losing my best friend. Needless to say - it worked out, we will celebrate our 14th anniversary this August and look forward to many more. 

How old are your kiddos? 

Logan is 12 and will be starting 6th grade at Summit this fall, Caleb is 9 and will be entering 4th at Horizon, and Kinley is 5. She is the baby of the family and has decided to not stay a baby and to enter Kindergarten this year. 

How long have you lived in Johnston? 

We moved to Johnston in October of 2013 for Travis' job. 

Favorite Restaurant for a dinner out? 

I love checking out new restaurants! We had a rule when we moved to Johnston that we wouldn't eat at the same restaurant twice in the same year. We have failed at that, however, we love to try new things and are always looking for recommendations - especially pizza!

Something we wouldn't know about you? 

I'm a finance and budget geek! I love balancing my checking account, paying bills, and handling finances! And... I also love to shop! Here is my secret: I am a self-proclaimed professional 'thrifter'. I love clearance rack, consignment, and thrift store shopping! It is a challenge for me to find the best items at a bargain... or as I like to call them 'treasures'. I have spent years refining and perfecting this skill! 

Sports Team Favorite? 

I am a sports fan by marriage. In our home we cheer for the Hawkeyes, Pittsburg Steelers, and the Cubs. During the fall, our family's Saturday schedule is centered around the Hawkeye football game. Remember, Travis was my best friend first, so I was fully aware of this before I married him.

Why are you excited to serve as the KIDS Director? 

I pursued this opportunity to be the KIDS Director because I have a passion for studying God's Word and I want to pass that on to our students in a fun and exciting setting. I want to build a community of teachers and volunteers who develop strong relationships not only with the students, but with one another. My desire is that the ministry will have a small church feel in a big and inclusive church setting. My prayer is that our KIDS Ministry is a place of relationships, where students and volunteers alike know they are loved.