Who We Are

Our Mission

Cultivating communities of grace and truth. 

Core Values

+ Looking to Christ

Keeping Christ at the center of everything we do and in how we live. The word of God, which points us to Christ, directs our thinking, teaching, and living. Prayer is our means of communicating with Christ, ensuring that we are guided by His Spirit and empowered by His grace. 

+  Embracing Community

Living out our Christianity in community, motivated by the grace of Jesus. Relationships are a vital means of growth, care, and accountability as we seek to serve and love one another. God's grace through Jesus Christ motivates everything we are and everything we do.

+ Engaging Culture

Being on mission with Jesus in Northwest Des Moines and around the world. Engaging our city and our world with the Gospel in a culturally relevant way is our mission as individuals and together as the church. Love for our city and works of compassion enhance our opportunities to share the Gospel.