Why Adoption?

Because of sin, all of humanity are orphans, estranged from our Father God who desires a relationship with us. Through Jesus, God made a way for us to no longer be orphans, but to be adopted into His family with all the rights and privileges that come with being his child. Romans 8:14-16 

selective focus photo of woman lifting child during daytime 

In our world today, there are over 18 million orphaned children, with 400,000 in the United States alone. Christians have the opportunity to live out the Gospel through adoption. 

Adoption Support at NorthPoint

If you are interested in learning more about adoption, check out the Adoption Facebook group HERE. This group meets regularly and includes families involved in adoption and foster care. To be in contact with a family who has experience with adoption click  and we will make a connection for you.

Grants at NorthPoint

NorthPoint is excited to partner with LifeSong, a nonprofit organization that seeks to help adopting families raise support for the high costs of adoption. You can view LifeSong's website HERE. If you are interested in applying for financial help for your adoption contact: 

Through LifeSong, financial resources may be given to individual families enrolled in the LifeSong program. This enables tax free giving directed to specific families. Current families adopting through LifeSong at NorthPoint:

Nate and Mandy Franje

Click here to learn more about the Franje's adoption.


Giving to the Adoption Fund at NorthPoint

If you would like to give financial support to the Adoption General Fund at NorthPoint, please make your check out to NorthPoint Church with "Adoption" in the memo line.