Welcome to NorthPoint Church.  It is exciting that you are interested in how your child could grow spiritually here. 

God designed the home to be the primary environment for young people to learn to know, love and obey God.  We realize the importance of your role and it is a privilege to support you.  We believe that if your child consistently attends he/she will grow in understanding of God’s story of redemption throughout the Bible.

Please explore our programs for kids. We would enjoy answering your questions and look forward to meeting you.

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Fall Classroom assignments are as follows:

Grade                     Service         Classroom

3 Yr PreK                 9:00                 Kids 4

4-5 Yr PreK              9:00                 Kids 3

Kindergarten         9:00                 Kids 1

1st Grade                9:00                 Kids 2

2nd Grade               9:00                 Kids 5

3rd Grade                9:00                 Kids 6

4th/5th Grade        9:00                 Commons D


Grade                        Service        Classroom

3-5 yr PreK                 10:35             Kids 3

K - 1st Grade              10:35            Kids 1 & 2

2nd - 3rd Grade          10:35           Kids 10


Five/Six Youth

Sunday Morning Kids Ministry