The Nursery provides a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment for young children. Through the Nursery, screened volunteers minister to children while parents participate in worship services, adult electives or serving ministries.

The Nursery uses an electronic check-in system. Once registered in the system a security coded name label is printed which includes any food allergies.

The nursery ministry area has three separate rooms equipped with restrooms and age-appropriate toys and furnishings. Children are registered at the check-in counter and our system texts parents if they need to be contacted.  The child is placed in one of the following rooms:

         Owls: 0-1 years old

         Hedge Hogs: 1-2 years old

         Foxes: 2-3 years old

Nursery hours on Sunday morning:

         1st Service: 8:50-10:30

         2nd Service: 10:30-12:00


Nursery Location:

The Nursery is located in the northeast portion of the church. One of our greeters at the Welcome Center or Kid Central desk will gladly provide direction.

Angie Mikkelson

Early Kids Coordinator