Six Ways to Reach God's World

Six Ways to Reach God's World

In these videos we describe six ways to reach the peoples of God's world: learning, praying, going, sending, welcoming and mobilizing. This is not a new idea. Other organizations and missions-minded people have similar descriptions. However one tries to capture this idea, it is clear that we as Christians need to find our role or roles in God's redemptive plan. Might God have you engage more deeply in one of these? 



LEARN – No matter where we are on the missions journey, we all need to learn more of God’s heart and purpose for the world. “Goers” educate themselves on the people and places where they will go. Senders observe carefully to meet the needs of the missionaries. Intercessors learn all they can because “informed prayer is effective prayer.” Welcomers build bridges when they know and understand the internationals near them, and mobilizers are most effective as they stay abreast of just what God is doing in the world.

PRAY – Far from a “minor” or “default” role in missions, prayer is essential to the work God does in the world. Intercessors lift the “goers” and people whom they serve before the throne of God. James O. (J.O.) Fraser, a pioneer missionary to the Lisu of China in the early 1900’s, said this about prayer: “Paul may plant and Apollos water, but it is God who gives the increase; and this increase can be brought down from heaven by believing prayer, whether offered in China or in England (or the U.S.). … If this is so, then Christians at home can do as much for foreign missions as those actually on the field. … What I covet more than anything else is earnest, believing prayer.”

GO – Some people are “goers” who give up the life they have always known, perhaps “creature comforts” or professional opportunities of which they had always dreamed, in exchange for a life in a new culture among people who speak a different language, eat different foods and usually have a much lower standard of living – in order to be conduits of Jesus’ love. It may be for a few weeks or a lifetime, but without those willing to step out in faith, the nations will not receive the gospel.

SEND – Since the time of the Apostle Paul, missionaries haven’t just gone, they have been sent (see Romans 10:15). They have been supported and encouraged by God’s people. Sending involves giving financially to meet the needs of the mission, but it does not mean one has to be wealthy to give. Senders pray fervently, communicate, lend cars, organize events, print and distribute prayer letters, and do a wide variety of other creative actions. A “goer” without senders may as well stay home.

WELCOME – In many ways, the world is coming to us. The presence of internationals living in our communities provides a golden opportunity to share the gospel and show the love of Christ. Someone from an “unreached” people group may live right next door. Welcomers join these lives with their own in Christ’s name.

MOBILIZE – Before one goes, sends, or becomes a prayer partner, he must be mobilized. Someone must educate, make aware, and help move the person to the point of involvement. Once vision is caught, it usually can’t be contained. Mobilizers understand that they cannot do the massive job alone, but together each filling their role, they can spread the saving message of the gospel to the people that don’t yet know Jesus.

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