Missions Strategy

Missions Strategy 


 Advancing the Gospel is our most important plumbline. Everything else is subservient to making much of Jesus and the Gospel. This could include meeting physical and educational needs when this serves the growth of the gospel.


We seek to give priority to people groups who have the greatest need and least opportunity to hear the Gospel. The majority of these are located in the 1040 window.

Church Planting

We desire to see reproducing churches started in areas of the world where there currently is not a church i.e. among Unreached people groups. This means that we would not be supportive of sending church planters into people groups in areas of the world where there already exists a reproducing evangelical church.


We believe that contextualization of the gospel message across cultures is biblical and necessary. Generally speaking, we believe that it is not biblically justified to model or to teach that followers of Christ should participate in any religious rituals that would indicate to others that he/she is (or continues to be) an adherent to that particular Christ-denying religion.


We want to partner with missionaries who have the calling, character, competence, and compatibility to accomplish the work of planting churches among the Unreached. This means that the criteria mentioned are the priority we use for evaluating candidates as well as their desire to plant churches among the Unreached. Therefore, we will give priority to JEFC candidates who are compatible with this church planting focus among the unreached.


We desire a relationship with missionaries that is beyond financial. We desire regular communication so that we understand and can actively pray and involve ourselves in the church planting ministry and in their lives.


We will pray for, equip, and financially support new missionaries. Together, we will systematically care for the missionaries we support.


We will provide learning opportunities and promote active engagement of everyone in our congregation with the primacy of God’s desire to be glorified among all people groups. Activities of these learning and engagement opportunities are our annual Missions Sunday, The Perspectives class, Engage Global trips, Short-term international trips, Secret Church, Bridges class, prayer initiatives, etc.